mom Born in Hamilton, raised in Burlington, Mary Pat spent twenty years living in California raising her children and gaining her art education. She studied at Dominican University and College of Marin, where she was involved in several art organizations. Experimenting with many mediums, Mary Pat paints mostly in oils now in her studio or plein aire in the beautiful surroundings of her home in Dundas Valley.

Traveling extensively has influenced her art, as well as the people she has met along the way.

Laughing Ladies are a great inspiration to Mary Pat. “While dealing with all the ups and downs of life, multitasking and making do… women continue to share and laugh.” For Mary Pat they are an inspiration and fun to paint!

IMG_0736Another strong interest in Mary Pat’s life is making orgonite. While traveling in Ireland several years ago, she learned of Wilhelm Reich and his discovery of orgone energy. Life energy exists everywhere… one step led to the another and she now produces small beautiful devices (called orgonite) that effectively reduce the harmful electromagnetic waves that surround us.

From recording her travels, to manifesting her future, painting and creating are a form of self-expression to Mary Pat that she continues to share with all.

Mary Pat has participated and sold in many group shows.  Check her blog to see where she is currently exhibiting.